trauma and crime scene clean up

Trauma & Crime Scene Clean-Up (Biohazard Experts)

FirstLine Restoration is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in Trauma & Crime Scene clean-up.

A crime scene can involve homicide, suicide, assault, and other actions that often lead to blood, body fluids and even death. After the law enforcement personal, investigators and forensic scientists leave, the location of the crime is still covered in the evidence and left for the victim’s grieving family or the property owner.

If you are having to deal with a tragic event, whether an unexpected accident or a loved one passing away, it’s a tragic loss that’s difficult to get through. This is something  we wish no one had to deal with, but sadly that’s just not the case. But even in an imperfect world, you don’t have to face it alone, especially the hazards left behind. Our trauma scene cleanup services spare you the health risks of biohazard remediation.

Unfortunately there are many times the deceased go undiscovered for days or even weeks before they are found.  When a body is not discovered for any length of time, the body decomposes leaving behind fluids that saturate the area where the body was discovered. Beds, couches, chairs and flooring are the most common areas impacted. What may seem like a simple stain on the carpet, is most likely a much larger problem. The fluids from a decomposing body, follow gravity and typically absorb through the carpet and padding into the subfloor. The odor can be overpowering as well as dangerous. Bacteria forms in this fluid and can make people sick that are not wearing proper protective equipment and respirators. At FirstLine we are trained to properly remove the saturated materials, clean and disinfect the structure and remove the odor that is left behind. If you need assistance with cleaning an undiscovered death, decomposition, or other biohazards call FirstLine now!

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